3 sample watches and 50 bezels showed up this morning.  My first reaction is I think they look much better in person, than in any pictures so far.

But this website seems to resize the images and in the process makes them look worse than they are.

Click this image link to see what I mean: https://www.outcastwatch.com/50-bezel-inserts-arrived-along-with-3-sample-watches/img_6932/

…That said, the photographer has one of them now, so hopefully he can capture them better than my old phone can.

One is an SKX00X Mod Watch, one is Sub Mod Watch, and the last is an extra heavy duty case we tested to 20ATM and we plan to make into a dedicated GMT.  

They look quite good and feel substantial.  Lume is pure fire:)



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50 Inserts

Ready to ship from Florida.