It’s Complicated…

But don’t let all those ‘complications’ scare you.  Think of the OUTCAST like a Swiss Army knife, that you always have on you, just in case.  Because there is only so much you can do with a standard elapsed time ‘dive’ bezel insert. 


Who NEEDS a Watch Like This?

You.  Yes, you, sitting there, reading this.  Because EVERYONE needs to know how long it’s been since they put dinner in the oven, or when to switch their laundry. You don’t need to be a dog sled racer to appreciate the value of a countdown bezel; this bezel is full of everyday tools for everyday life, when you are aren’t on an expedition.


Countdown Timer

Use the countdown timer to countdown the minutes until an event happens, using the MINUTE hand.


Elapsed Time, in Minutes

Use the elapsed timer to mark the passage of time in MINUTES since an event took place, using the minute hand.


Compass Bezel

Point the hour hand to the sun. Split the difference b/t the hour hand & the 12 position; this is South, in the N. Hemi.


Second Time Zone

Use the 12 hour markings to keep of a second time zone, by setting it ahead or behind, and then just reading the time off this scale.


Elapsed Time, in Hours

Use the HOUR hand in conjunction with the 12 hour markings, in cases where you need to track elapsed time beyond 60 minutes.


Tide Tracking

Tides are based on a lunar day, but this tool predicts the next few tides, if you set it ahead about 50 min/day to keep it aligned.


the ‘WHY’…

Curious about the inspiration behind the design? Dive into our ‘Origin Story’ page. Discover how a two-decade-old dog sled race in a remote part of far Eastern Siberia shaped the watch features you see today…